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Wire Düsseldorf 2018 - FIB Belgium sa

FIB BELGIUM designs complete solutions for thermal and surface treatment of steel wires, rods and narrow strips. FIB optimizes your equipment within the framework of flexibility, energy and environmental concerns. On top of this, these solutions comply with the most demanding international standards, in particular regarding the quality of the treated products and the safety of the workers. As regards furnaces, FIB masters direct-heating gas systems, offering technological and reliable solutions. Galvanizing lines (both for high and low carbon), steelcord, sawing and bead wires lines, oil tempered lines and stainless furnaces are part of the scope of supply. Solutions with bell and pit furnaces with nitrogen, hydrogen or air are possible in a range of 2 to 75 tons per batch.

Great care is given to the management of projects but also to the continuous updating of the customer’s operators thanks to an efficient technical support.

FIB's team will be happy to meet you at Wire Düsseldorf 2018 – Booth 11C60, 16-20 April 2018

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Russian version of FIB web site

FIB, Belgian company celebrating its 80th year of activity, is present since 1986 on the CIS territories, and has decided to enrich the corporate website with a new Russian section.

The company is nowadays present in 60 countries across the world with its heat treatment equipment for steel wire field, but also more recently with the Batch galvanizing plants fields.

To know more about the company and the equipment produced, please visit or contact us & full the form here!


 FIB Belgium around the world


Brussels on the 22nd of March 2016


All the FIB team would like to thank you very warmly for your marks of solidarity and support further to the terrible terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels on the 22nd of March 2016.

When facing such violent acts, we can only react thanks to the certainty that friendly relationships and solidarity between nations can lead to peace and to the respect of identities and human lives.

René BRANDERS and the FIB team







80 years for FIB Belgium in 2016











FIB Belgium is 80 years old on April 26th 2016.

All the FIB team thanks the confidence of its customers since 80 years!

Always at your service around the world and now more than ever with its 5 branches of activity based on our long experience and your all satisfaction.

FIB BELGIUM s.a. - Ahead Together !

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Enterprise of the year - 20 years


FIB BELGIUM  at the table discussion with the King of Belgium Philippe at the occasion of the 20 years of the Price Enterprise ot the Year (FIB BELGIUM, the winner in 2008) in the frame of export challengers


FIB develops technology for off-line galfanizing

develops technology

One opportunity to get a Galfan® order? Immediately convert your galvanized wires in storage to Galfan® wires!

Commonly, Galfan® is produced in-line with the galvanizing bath. Consequently, it requires space but it also imposes the use of one position per galfanized wire on your galvanizing bath! FIB has developed a technology that allows galfanizing “off-line” some galvanized wires.

Your advantages:

  • Large flexibility in the manufacturing program.
  • Number of wires in the galvanizing line becomes independent of your Galfan program.
  • Compact solution.
  • Upgrading of existing galvanizing line with limited space.

Contact FIB BELGIUM s.a. for further information.

Africa business week

 Africa Business Week

FIB Belgium participated last week to the  Africa Belgium Business Week 2015 in Genval, Belgium. This event will contribute to propel our company through the African continent with our specific expertises. We are very satisfied of new and promising contacts made during the event.

Ahead together with Africa, more than a slogan

FIB Belgium sa at INTERGALVA 2015 in Liverpool


Fib Belgium s.a. is at Intergalva 2015 (Liverpool) as an exhibitor. Batch Galvanizing is our new  bussiness segment in which we offer turnkey customised solutions. Welcome at our stant G12b, FIB Belgium sa is there.

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