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Wire Düsseldorf 2020 - FIB cancellation

Dear Partner,

Considering the December expected sanitary constraints for our inbound Europe visitors and probably the quarantine conditions that they may face while entering their country back (just before the Christmas and New Year period), we have decided with regret to cancel our participation to Wire Düsseldorf 2020.

As we want however to be able to serve our customers and partners in the best way, we remain at your disposal to hold at any time a video conference with you.

Just contact your area manager or do not hesitate to send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

Regarding our European contacts, as you know travel is often possible, but the Belgian law imposes some mandatory quarantine restrictions depending on the location you are coming from and the duration of your stay.

We would like to thank our contacts for their understanding and flexibility.

We foresee during the period of Wire Düsseldorf to be able to meet you in Düsseldorf if necessary but on the basis of an appointment on Tuesday 8th or Wednesday 9th December.

About FIB Belgium activities we remind you that you may follow us via our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and via our publications on

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