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FIB Polymer leadfree quench for tire wire: certification of the processed products!

A big Asian player, tires manufacturer, has switched its technology of patenting opting for the FIB polymer quenching technology.

Beadwire and Steelcord products being subject to requalification by the end-users when a process is modified, a whole process has been initiated. It took even more than a year to get this certification that was obtained with success.

The technology is a patenting unit based on quenching the wires with water containing a certain amount of polymers.  Great care is also taken to use health compliant polymers!

The qualification of the wires quenched with the FIB polymer bath shows the reliability of the technology that allows tire wire products.


The FIB polymer patenting technology allows today to treat wire sizes from 0.8 mm to 4.0 mm.

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