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As the diffusion process is very critical and in some cases very small wires have to be processed, two reliable solutions are proposed according to the product to handle.

The diffusion fluidized bed has the great advantage to work with a simple control of the temperature of the sand in which the wires are processed. As all the wires will not be able to go above that temperature there is no risk of creating dangerous beta phase even for different diameters or carbon contents processed at the same time.

Sparks may not take place such as in Joule diffusion or overheating of the wires due to different magnetic permeability in the case of induction technology.

Induction diffusion is however considered in the framework of thin wires such as sawing wire. The system is then designed to allow a full control of the diffusion kinetic while also minimizing the maintenance aspects of the cooling water and making the mastering of the process parameters easy.

The system has been developed jointly by a well-established company in induction technology following the stringent requirements and experience of the process mastered by FIB Belgium.

bead wire

Our solution is focused on minimizing the pollution of the hydrochloric pickling liquor, on the comfort of the operators and on the acid consumption.

The cooling system allows avoiding the pollution of the pickling bath by lubricants or cracked soaps saving consequently neutralization costs.

Special technologies embedded in the pickling tank avoid the dilution of the acid or the pollution of the sealing water when crossed wires happen or super high-speeds are used. This technology has proved to save a lot of neutralization costs.

For the comfort of the operators the purging of the upper tray may be done in safe conditions and specific sensors avoid the destruction of the pumps if liquid is missing.

Care is also especially brought to rinsing to avoid further zinc dross formation.

A threading system for mono-wire (or multiple wires upon request) is foreseen to facilitate the operating of the line while keeping the workers in full safe conditions. As rinsing is very critical, optimization of the use of water with a high efficiency of the operation has driven to specific solutions applied in our equipment

The technology does not require any use of scrubber saving consequently a lot of water and operating costs.


bead wire

Several solutions are available according to the analysis of the required flexibility, the range of wire products and the possible environmental constraints at the location of the plant of the customer.

While the solution of lead patenting for NT, HT or even UHT has proven on numerous FIB lines its reliability, flexibility and the safety for the operators (encapsulated atmosphere may be obtained by special technology) some local constraints may ban the use of lead.

Our solution of fluidized bed (Ecoquench) has proved since many years its capability in many challenging conditions or high-technology Steel cord. The Ecoquench gives in this framework an answer to environmental strong conditions while in the meantime flexibility in the wire sizes or operating temperatures is possible.

As an alternative, the polymer quenching solution is also possible. This solution requires however very severe management of the upstream drawing process, a tight range of wire diameters and a preparation of the wires, what is sometimes challenging for factories that are looking for flexibility on products and operators.


bead wire

Two solutions have been developed in accordance with the requirements related to the energy source available.

Saving up to 27% of your energy with the Imfl℮x ® Open fire Furnace! The Imflex open fire furnace is designed around the saving of energy when using gas and for having a smart solution to retrofit the capacity of an existing furnace. Designed thanks to the most ultimate flow analysis tools, the design allows to reduce strongly the use of energy. Combined with a specific metrology, the monitoring of the atmosphere, the control of the convection and the temperature profiles, this technology allows you to get full control of your process and consequently, to improve the quality of the processed wires. As the combustion gas composition such as with LPG or natural gas may also change during the time, a specific metrology has been developed to compensate for that gas composition variability that disturbs the process and consequently the product.

Muffle tube furnaces are the second option when special protective atmospheres (like N2 or H2) are required.

This equipment can work with gas or electrical heating (depending of your need).

All of our furnaces are designed with great care to the insulation, the safety and lifetime.


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