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Several solutions are available according to the analysis of the required flexibility, the range of wire products and the possible environmental constraints at the location of the plant of the customer.

While the solutions of the FIB lead patenting technologies from sawing wire sizes up to 26mm diameter have proved their reliability, flexibility and the safety for the operators (encapsulated atmosphere may be obtained by special technology) on numerous FIB lines, adapted technology is also used for the handling of packaging strips.

FIB also owns a specific technology for the handling of super big diameters.

As an equipment must also be thought around the maintenance operations, specific tools have been developed to easily pump the lead and to clean up the heat exchangers without shutting down the equipment.

When local legislation bans the use of lead, the fluidized bed technology gives a solution.

Our fluidized bed equipment (Ecoquench) has proved since many years its capability in many challenging conditions or high-technology Steel cord. The Ecoquench gives in this framework an answer to environmental strong conditions while in the meantime flexibility in the wire sizes or operating temperatures is possible.

As an alternative, the polymer quenching solution is also possible. This solution requires however very severe management of the upstream drawing process, a tight range of wire diameters and a preparation of the wires, what is sometimes challenging for factories that are looking for flexibility on products and operators.



Two solutions have been developed in accordance with the requirements related to the energy source available.

Saving up to 27% of your energy with the Imfl℮x ® Open fire Furnace! The Imflex ® open fire furnace is designed around the saving of energy when using gas and for having a smart solution to retrofit the capacity of an existing furnace. Designed thanks to the most ultimate flow analysis tools, the design allows optimizing strongly the use of energy. Combined with a specific metrology, the monitoring of the atmosphere, of the level of convection and of the temperature profiles, this technology allows you to get full control of your process and consequently, to improve the quality of the processed wires. As the combustion gas composition such as with LPG or natural gas may also change during the time, a specific metrology has been developed to compensate for that gas composition variability that disturbs the process and consequently the product.

A wide range of wire diameters processed at the same time has been successfully handled in several types of industry.

A specific design has been developed for the packaging strip. HMI tools are then embedded in the design to help the operators in the right tuning of the parameters for each campaign of product.

Muffle tube furnaces are the second option when super large diameters must be processed or when the use of electricity only is imposed. Great care is then given to the control of the temperatures next to the tubes and to the lifetime of those.

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