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lubrificating wax

Waxing bath combined with possible drying technology may be applied when required.


In-line coating is commonly carried out in ceramic or metallic baths. Our special metal alloy vessel has shown its strength and long lifetime. Easy access to the wire field and limited amount of zinc aluminium alloy in the bath are the two attractive parameters of this solution.

When the aluminium content is going ahead of the concentration applied in Galfan®, ceramic baths are taking over. Immersed tubes technology has shown its reliability for such alloys. Nitrogen wiping technology is applied successfully to get the requested coating. As sometimes space is missing to put a new zinc aluminium coating bath, FIB has developed a specific “off-line” technology to apply Galfan® or zinc-aluminium coating on pre-galvanized wires.


As the end of the job is done at the wiping stage and the comfort of committed operators has no price, FIB has developed smart wiping solutions that guarantee a final coating weight and a smooth and shiny surface of the wire. Depending on your zinc coating target, the nitrogen wiping technology can trim the zinc coating weight according to your wishes.

Possibly combined with the sensors measuring continuously the zinc coating weight on each wire, an optional full automatic system allows maintaining your zinc coating weight in a narrow range and is tracing any incidental deviation for quality control purpose

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