FIB GROUP is a global leader
in thermal solutions.

Operating in the industrial heating sector since 1936, FIB GROUP has become an essential partner in steel wire production, hollow glass and foam glass production, and piece galvanizing.

As a three-generation family business, FIB GROUP boasts one of the longest-standing experiences in industrial thermal solutions. With offices and workshops in Belgium, Germany, and the Czech Republic, all industrial furnaces, equipment, and accessories are manufactured in Europe. Highly skilled teams of engineers and technicians travel worldwide for the assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of FIB Group’s installations.

With a strong focus on international exports, FIB GROUP comprises a team of over 65 experts in the most demanding disciplines of the industry, representing more than ten different nationalities. FIB GROUP operates in over 60 countries across all five continents.

FIB GROUPDesigns and manufactures production lines, equipment, and accessories for steel wire production.

High carbon production line
Cables for mining, elevators, bridges, hoistings and car tires
Spring wire production line
Valves springs, piano strings, mechanical springs
Low carbon production line
Soft/hard wire, barbed wire, mesh wire, fence wire, gabions, packaging wire
Suspension wire production line
Trains, electric vehicles.
Bell furnace and pit furnace

Cold heading, bolts, tie wire

Stainless steel wire production line

Designs and manufactures industrial combustion equipment and accessories for manufacturers of hollow glass or foam glass production lines.

Designs and manufactures galvanizing baths for steel structures and small-sized parts.

Large-scale metallic galvanizing baths

Large-sized metal parts

Ceramic galvanizing baths
Small-sized parts