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The FIB Group ensures efficient and high-quality after-sales service for its customers


Spare parts inventory

To avoid long delivery times, the FIB GROUP maintains a permanent stock of essential spare parts necessary for continued production. These can be urgently delivered worldwide.

Adjustments and optimization of operating parameters for an existing Line

Upon request of the customer, the FIB Group can send a technician on-site to optimize the settings of an existing production line and ensure operators’ training.

  • Verification of line evolution and corrective adjustments
  • Answering operators’ questions
  • Assisting the customer in mastering the operation of the line
  • Providing advice for improvements in the operation of the line

Production line adjustment based on specific requests

To best support a customer seeking a specific quality of steel wire, the FIB GROUP offers two solutions.

On-site technician dispatch

  • Gathering parameters and data from the production line
  • Assisting with specific adjustments

Remote assistance

Through the use of 4.0 installations and remote data digitization, the FIB Group can intervene promptly without dispatching a technician on-site. Via secure VPN connections, the FIB GROUP’s technical teams and engineering department can acquire data with the customer’s consent to perform remote diagnosis or maintenance tasks.


The engineering teams can conduct pre-training sessions on the use of future equipment during the manufacturing and construction period of the line.
  • Theoretical training of operators at FIB BELGIUM
  • On-site training at an FIB customer’s facility

During the assembly and commissioning of the line, FIB technicians and engineers train the operators who will operate the new production line.

On-site training:

  • Maintenance
  • Line adjustments
  • Line operation
  • Key safety aspects

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