As an integrator, the FIB GROUP carries out the assembly of equipment and installations worldwide.

A team of over a dozen experienced technicians continuously travels across the globe to supervise the assembly and commissioning of production lines, equipment, and heating elements manufactured by the FIB GROUP. They also participate in training operators on the equipment of the production line, as well as on the principles of maintenance. In some cases, the FIB GROUP’s refractory bricklayers are dispatched to the site for the construction of galvanizing baths or for the refurbishment of furnace insulation.

The FIB Group proceeds with commissioning

Commissioning is carried out by an engineer and a technician from the FIB GROUP.
  • Preliminary verification of all safety sequences and wiring
  • Drying and heating of furnaces
  • Zinc melting
  • Production startup and temperature rise control of equipment
  • Commissioning of surface treatment equipment
  • Launching the first wires and increasing equipment production

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