At the core of its expertise, engineering forms the essential foundation for excellence and innovation at the FIB GROUP.

The FIB GROUP boasts two engineering offices, located in Belgium and Czech Republic. More than thirty engineers and technicians from various nationalities, experts in specific disciplines, work tirelessly within the group. The teams are constituted of thermal engineers, mechanical and electromechanical engineers, chemists, automation and electrical engineers, structural engineers, metallography engineers, as well as drawers, mechanical and electrical technicians, and skilled technicians in refractory materials.

The FIB GROUP is relying upon this multidisciplinary team to design and manufacture various customized heating solutions, equipment, and accessories for customers worldwide.

Customized solutions for the production of steel or alloy wire, hollow glass, foam glass, or for the piece galvanizing sector.

The FIB GROUP’s engineering offices analyze and design thermal solutions specific to the customers’ needs and optimized in their operation.

  • Creation of technical specifications in line with process requirements
  • Project and parameter analysis
  • Presentation of technical solutions integrating environmental and safety aspects according to required standards
  • Design of the selected solution
  • Preparation of layout, furnace, and equipment drawings
  • Manufacturing

The digitalization tools accompanying FIB 4.0 equipment optimize production, particularly in the following areas

  • Products and production parameters traceability
  • Reduction of consumables and energy consumption
  • Equipment operability
  • Diagnosis
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote assistance

Consultancy & assistance for wire and alloy wire production lines and equipment

  • Conducting audits of lines or equipment regarding efficiency and productivity
  • Upgrading equipment to meet products, markets, and standards developments
  • Production line optimization (power, control, production capacity)

Consultancy & assistance in hollow glass/foam glass production

  • Thermal solutions and atmosphere management advice
    • Natural gas
    • LPG
    • Hydrogen

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