Piece galvanizingMetal parts

The FIB GROUP leverages its expertise in steel wire galvanizing techniques to serve the piece galvanizing sector

The FIB GROUP boasts over a hundred furnaces distributed worldwide. Depending on the project, the engineering teams of the FIB GROUP select the best solutions for galvanizing parts. The type of furnace, whether metallic or ceramic, varies depending on the size of the parts to be galvanized.

FIB GROUP’s equipment can be developed with gas or electric heating solutions according to the demand. The expertise of the FIB GROUP offers optimized solutions that can reduce gas consumption by over 30%.


Metallic baths

  • Electric heating technology
  • Gas heating technology

Ceramic baths

  • Electric immersion heating elements
  • Immersion burners
  • Gas heating covers
  • Electric heating covers
The FIB GROUP has a leading expertise in furnace manufacturing techniques. FIB GROUP technical teams possess undeniable expertise in masonry, material selection, and excellence in heating systems.
All FIB lines can be equipped with 4.0 digital solutions
  • Data acquisition
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance
  • Traceability
  • Quality control
  • Trouble shooting analyses
Choosing an FIB solution means
  • System sustainability
  • Customized design
  • Worldwide availability
  • Production quality
  • Commissioning and maintenance
  • Assistance with adjustments
  • Operators’ training
  • Compliance with high level safety standards

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