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Atmosphere control & ACPRO




  • Continuous control of air/gas ratio according to your setpoints with accuracy of ± 0.1 % O2 / CO
  • Optimal efficiency of combustion in any circumstances leading to gas consumption savings
  • Permanent control of your furnace conditions leading to improved product quality
  • The system compensates for any change of air/gas ratio at any power
  • Full automatic control (no human intervention needed)
  • Our systems neutralize any change in gas properties or air intakes
  • Available for mixer power from 75 kW to 700 kW
  • Adaptable on existing FIB premix combustion systems
  • One multiway FIB premis analyzer per feeder piloting up to 10 zones in series

ACPRO ® : the automated control of premix in glass feeders

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