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Immersed heating thermoplungers in hot dip galvanizing: A visionary Czech group invests in this proven technology saving 20% of energy consumption

A powerful galvanizing Czech group has chosen the FIB hot dip ceramic bath technology.

Based on the principle to directly heat the zinc by plunging, into the molten zinc, heat conductive tubes in which hot gases are circulating, the FIB heating technology with thermoplungers avoids the use of a large heating cover bringing tremendous savings in gas consumption and zinc oxide formation.

This technology is widely used in the hot dip galvanizing of big (and small) wires (up to 12 T/hour) and has been successfully applied in the spinning galvanizing line by the company Galvametaux for years with full success.

The technology allows to work with zinc up to 580°C with an overall saving of gas consumption of 20% versus a classical heating cover - on top of a very high compacity of the equipment.

Such burners may be operated with different types of gas.

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Continuous galvanizing of chains: FIB opens a new approach by Chaîneries Limousines

Among the European leaders in the manufacture of technical chains, Chaîneries Limousines have a highly recognized know-how.

Contrary to the consideration of a batch spinning galvanizing of chains, Chaîneries Limousines approached the matter with a semi-continuous process of galvanizing.

Considering the movement of the chain, the metallic kettle galvanizing furnace was designed by FIB Belgium accordingly, combined with a high energy efficiency approach. The combustion system may even accept blended natural gas with a concentration of 25% hydrogen, taking into account the vision of decarbonizing.

The experience showed that the finished products have a regular coating. FIB is also able to design ceramic galvanizing baths for which the use of high alloys such as 95% zinc / 5% aluminium or higher alloys may be processed.

In this framework, on top of the classical top heating system, FIB Belgium owns a specific heating system that is today the most energy efficient system that exists on the market by directly heating inside the molten zinc.

Jeddah Wires Steel Industries CO. LTD enters in the annealing-galvanizing steel wire market with FIB Belgium

Jeddah Wires, specialized in fences, barbed wire, gabions and binding wire decided for its growing strategy to give confidence and equip its plant with an FIB annealing-galvanizing line.

Minimizing the environmental impact and operating costs while having a line that gives a high flexibility in the range of products in their offensive commercial strategy were the pillars of their choice.

The line will be equipped with our latest technology of IMFLEX annealing open fire furnace reducing the gas consumption and running costs of the line.

A tool of Data acquisition TeleDiagnostiC³ will give the possibility to trace the status of the line by the local production management allowing also a remote tele-diagnosis of the line by the FIB customer support. Such a system has already shown its power to enable customer support by the FIB Team during the pandemic.

The line will be subject to SASO standard approval.

Heavy coated wires will be produced on this line with a high coating precision thanks to our zinc monitoring system installed on our FIB Dynamic N2 wiping system.

The FIB team would like to warmly thank the Jeddah Wires Steel Industries team for their confidence in our competences and is eager to make from their investment a success.


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