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Holistic view of your investment

* Compared to average values from EU galvanizing plants

Galvanizing furnaceicon energieicon zinc

  • High-efficiency heating system and insulation
  • Many references: 150 FIB galvanizing furnaces in the world
  • Metallic or ceramic pan
  • Ceramic pan: immersed burners & higher temperature process
  • Alloys possible : Zn-Al-Mg...

DRIMFLEX dryericon energieicon zinc

  • Recovery of furnace fumes energy
  • High turbulence
  • Shorter drying time
  • Highly-efficient drying: zinc consumption reduction

Flux purification icon zincicon chimie

  • Waste reduction
  • Savings new flux
  • Stabilization of flux composition

Process expertiseicon zincicon chimie

  • Optimization of your production
  • Minimization of chemical products and zinc consumption
  • Layout design: focused on ergonomics & efficiency

Energy recovery  icon énergie

  • Fumes energy recovered for dryer and chemical baths
  • Minimization of energy use (axial entrance in furnaces and pickling area, insulation, energy intelligence)

Optimal product flowicon manutention

  • Minimization of the bottlenecks
  • Reliable choice of handling devices : semi or full automatic plants
  • Integration of practical operating aspects
  • Maximizing the amount of dips

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