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Container & foam glass

FIB Belgium is the expert company to deliver combustion equipment and complete combustion systems (skids) based on the premix technology. From its "wire" segment where FIB Belgium acts as OEM for several decades, FIB Belgium has gained tremendous experience in delivering complete combustion solutions.

FIB Belgium may be your expert in combustion control due to:

  • Its technical mastering of the premix technology allowing container glass maker to achieve the required atmosphere, necessary for high quality glass and increased output,
  • Its control of AIR/GAS ratio allowing a full controled flame composition (may be automatised if the gas composition varies),
  • Its "in-house" manufacturing and assembling capacities allowing perfect integration of all combustion equipment,
  • Its full understanding of the norms because safety is your priority,
  • Its after-sales services for auditing or solving any issues relating to combustion.

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