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Industrial chamber furnaces

FIB has gained considerable experience and expertise in engineering and supplying complete industrial chamber furnaces solutions. Thermal treatment within all kinds of industries is taking an ever increasing role. The industry target is to surpass the mechanical behaviour of treated pieces. Therefore the industrial chamber furnaces have to be performant and precise.

FIB industrial chamber furnaces are your solution whenever you are looking for the following performance:

  • A fast furnace heat up and the possibility to work in a non-continuous process
  • Heating of the charge mainly by convection and not radiation to avoid hot spots
  • Temperature uniformity across the charge during the complete process
  • Complete PLC monitored temperature regulation allowing automatic control of the cycles
  • FIB Premix Combustion Technology allowing a perfect control of the atmosphere type
  • FIB CONSTAN mixers allowing the control of several burners developing the same power
  • FIB designed burners with flame control and high gases velocity
  • Possibility to use dilution air to increase the convection effect at low temperatures
  • Perfect metallic construction under FIB engineering and own construction
  • Perfect sealing of the entrance door allowing no thermal losses
  • Use of light refractory materials due to the absence of flames inside the furnace
  • Long refractory lifetime due to control of the atmosphere and no hot spots
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs

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