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Furnace main characteristics

The furnace has the 2 following distinctive parts:

  • The furnace casing with the integrated combustion system
  • The movable bogie carrying the load to be heat treated

The furnace has the following characteristics:

  • Combustion by means of natural gas, with a pressure of min 1000 mm water column
  • Maximum temperature of 1100 °C
  • Combustion systems with one or various zones
  • Dimensions (refer to table)
  • Weight of the charge : from 1.5 T to 7 T
  • Duration of charge heat up : from 2 to 7 hours depending on furnace size and load weight


  • Welded casing
  • One or 2 doors with either vertical or horizontal sliding
  • The doors can be motorized
  • Doors have a special sealing
  • Refractories are light weight, allowing reduction of the thermal inertia
  • FIB combustion system with pulsed FIB burner
  • Motor fan delivering the air with a pressure of 1000 mm water column, with filter
  • Automatic control of the temperature via PLC located in an electric cabinet
  • Safety devices allowing correct air and gas pressures following EN 746 (1-2)
  • Recoding of all process parameters

Mobile bogie

  • One or 2 mobile bogies
  • Special sealing system
  • Motorized
  • The 2-axles bogie carrying lightweight refractories
  • The charge is located on a refractory base


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