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Manual Mode

  • Genuine FIB know-how
  • Available in manual or automatic configuration
  • Can feed a variable number of burners having different sizes
  • Perfect stability of air/gas ratio
  • Work only with FIB Balanced Zero Governors

The FIB Constan® Multigas Proportional Mixers

The FIB Constan® mixer is a static device that operates in combination only with a FIB Balanced Zero Governors to automatically provide a mixture of air and gas. The predetermined ratio between the two constituents remains constant over a range of flow rates varying from 30 to 100%.

Acting only on the flow of air, it automatically mixes the gas in the correct proportions over the entire range of flows, independent of the counter-pressure in the collector and of the cross - sectional output of the burners, or of the number of burners.

The burner system works at his highest efficiency of combustion without compromise on the control of the atmosphere.

All of the 8 size-range CONSTAN® mixers are FIB genuine know-how.

The multigas proportional mixer can be used with any usual gases with LCV from 4,000 kcal/m3 (16.7 MJ/m3) up to usual higher LCV gases (LPG, propane, butane). Possible application with special gas such as Sassol (40% H2).

Covering an output range from 16,000 kcal/h to 600,000 kcal/h per unit (19 to 700 kW).

Automatic Mode

The motorized mixer offers the following advantages:

  • Remote control of the air-gas ratio
  • Improved accuracy of the air-gas ratio
  • Up to 10 different air-gas ratios can be pre-set
  • Security improved
motorized mixer
Motorized mixer range

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