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Batch annealing


Batch annealing furnaces cover wire specifications from soft carbon wire (low carbon wire) up to cold heading quality wire (CHQ wire) or super-alloyed steels. From pit furnaces (for micro-production) to bell furnaces (up to 75 tons batch), the range of equipment sizes is adapted to the capacity of the customer and its geographical constraints.

Bell furnaces

Batch Annealing

Loads from 20 tons per day are considered to be handled by bell furnaces.

Working with air (black annealing), nitrogen, mix of nitrogen/hydrogen and finally hydrogen, several configurations of the equipment may be designed taking into account the final product the customer has to supply.

Designed to minimize the mechanical and thermal constraints linked to cycle; the bases have been designed to resist to successive cycles.

Equipped with a high convective turbine, the annealing of loads is homogeneous up to loadings as large as 4m width over 4m height.

Through a friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface), the operator is able to introduce the heating program according to the quality of wire that has to be processed. The full PLC system controls the operation of the furnace including all the possible safety sequences (i.e. Case of power loss)

In the framework of the use of pure hydrogen, the sequences are double-checked following TÜV inspection certificate.

The coupling of a data acquisition system with the SQL server of the customer for quality control is possible.

The equipment is designed with gas heating or electrical heating according to your need.


Pit annealing furnaces

For small productions, pit furnaces may be considered. Heated by gas or by electricity our solution has demonstrated its robustness under nitrogen.



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