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Steel cord & sawing wire

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Steel cord and sawing wire are very difficult to produce and require high-tech equipment. As the control of temperature, speed of heating, atmosphere and homogeneity of the temperatures all across the equipment are critical, FIB Belgium has developed specific solutions related to those constraints.

Serving the biggest worldwide groups in the field of steel cord, our solutions have proved their reliability on long-term exploitation and their flexibility in revamping existing equipment.

As the use of energy has become a challenge in the world, FIB Belgium has developed a new technology of furnaces that optimizes the heat transfer mechanisms to the wire field. Great care to the diffusion process has also been the driving force of the development of reliable solutions for that market.

Less known in the field of the steel cord industry, FIB has also unique solutions for the pickling process in the Intermediate patenting step. Our solution is coming from the high and low carbon industry where pickling quality is a key issue for the next galvanizing step.

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