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Two solutions have been developed in accordance with the requirements related to the energy source available.

Saving up to 27% of your energy with the Imfl℮x ® Open fire Furnace! The Imflex open fire furnace is designed around the saving of energy when using gas and for having a smart solution to retrofit the capacity of an existing furnace. Designed thanks to the most ultimate flow analysis tools, the design allows to reduce strongly the use of energy. Combined with a specific metrology, the monitoring of the atmosphere, the control of the convection and the temperature profiles, this technology allows you to get full control of your process and consequently, to improve the quality of the processed wires. As the combustion gas composition such as with LPG or natural gas may also change during the time, a specific metrology has been developed to compensate for that gas composition variability that disturbs the process and consequently the product.

Muffle tube furnaces are the second option when special protective atmospheres (like N2 or H2) are required.

This equipment can work with gas or electrical heating (depending of your need).

All of our furnaces are designed with great care to the insulation, the safety and lifetime.


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