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Diffusion fluidized bed & induction

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As the diffusion process is very critical and in some cases very small wires have to be processed, two reliable solutions are proposed according to the product to handle.

The diffusion fluidized bed has the great advantage to work with a simple control of the temperature of the sand in which the wires are processed. As all the wires will not be able to go above that temperature there is no risk of creating dangerous beta phase even for different diameters or carbon contents processed at the same time.

Sparks may not take place such as in Joule diffusion or overheating of the wires due to different magnetic permeability in the case of induction technology.

Induction diffusion is however considered in the framework of thin wires such as sawing wire. The system is then designed to allow a full control of the diffusion kinetic while also minimizing the maintenance aspects of the cooling water and making the mastering of the process parameters easy.

The system has been developed jointly by a well-established company in induction technology following the stringent requirements and experience of the process mastered by FIB Belgium.

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