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The galvanizing bath and its accessories are the fingerprints of such a line. FIB has the experience of designing galvanizing baths up to 10 tons per hour capacity.

Several solutions according to the profile of the production, depending on the local environmental and on the type of products that have to be processed are possible. After having analysed your project FIB will recommend the most suitable solution that matches with you constraints and the profile of your line.

As the functioning of the whole line is depending on the reliability of the skid (wire guide dropped in the zinc), we have developed super long life pieces for that part. Using an FIB galvanizing bath means reliability and energy efficiency!

The metallic galvanizing bath has the positive point of giving easy access on both sides of the wire field. We have foreseen to minimize the corrosion of the metallic bath by a special unique heating technology. Positive and long life experience has demonstrated that this solution is valid especially when very frequent power breakdowns may take place at the site of the customer.

Ceramic galvanizing Baths are commonly used when the process requires high temperature, large wire fields or very high production.

Top heating galvanizing bath

Proven heating solution to limit zinc ashes formation and save energy, easy system to access under the cover and heavy duty refractory materials are used to make from this classical furnace technology a sound solution. Configurations with a heating cover in the middle or on the side are possible. For the use of micro-lines, FIB owns three solutions to make these even more compact.

Immersion burners galvanizing bath

Ceramic galvanizing Baths heated by immersed burners are commonly part of the experience of our company.

Thanks to the fact that we have opted for a specific self-recuperative burner technology combined with super high-tech ceramic tubes, we are able to reach a TWO YEARS lifetime for the tubes. This well-proven technology has demonstrated its capacity to achieve reliable galvanizing lines up to 10 tons per hour capacity. Specific design allowing the replacement in safe condition of the tubes and the access to the burners is part of our added value solution.

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